Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have streamlined healthcare documentation having an edge over the paper records as they are more cost effective and easier to maintain. Thus, most healthcare concerns have resorted to the more efficient electronic medical records.

There are several EMR applications that are flooding the market today offering comprehensive and advanced EMR services due to the demand for professional EMR applications for medical facilities. The inbuilt voice recognition software features in most EMR /EHR/PM applications have several limitations, such as high level of speech misinterpretation and word errors.

24x7 Transcription & Allied Services offers professional medical transcription and EMR integration services.

24x7 Transcription & Allied Services provides complete end to end medical transcription so lutions and EMR integration services. We can integrate our web based medical transcription platform with any of the EMR applications our clients subscribe to. We have a team of dedicated professionals undertaking this task effortlessly.


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Listed below are some EMR/EHR applications we support physicians for transcription services