How do I get started with my dictation on the website?

We support two modes of dictation.

  • Simply dictate on any hand-held digital recorder or any preferred device. The dictation is saved in your PC in a specific format. Then log on to our website and upload it with a click. For better understanding, look at the FLASHDEMO section.
  • Physicians can dictate and transfer over the Smartphone device with the app ( Android / iOS) installed in it.
Where can I purchase my dictation device?

We offer our customers either the opportunity to purchase the device at competitive prices from us or just download the app on your smartphone. Click here to download Android / iOS.

How is the dictation transferred to you?

It's simple. Just login to the site on a PC/Laptop or download the app available on Android / iOS with your user id and password and upload your voice files.

Where can dictations originate from?

Dictations can be made from the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling. All you need is a Smartphone with the app ( Android / iOS) installed.

What about a free trial period?

We provide a free trial period of 7 days or 1000 lines.

When should I expect my finished reports back?

Normally, the turn around time (TAT) is 24 hours. We will include TAT in our agreement regarding delivery of your reports. STAT delivery is also available.

How secure is this site?

We employ 128 bit encryption, SSL technology and password protection to ensure that your records are accessible only to you.

How do I get in touch with your transcription service for urgent issues?

When you login to the site with your user id and password, you have an option to get in touch with the administrator live.

Do you have a quality assurance team? What measures do you take to ensure quality?

We support two modes of dictation.

  • We do have a dedicated quality assurance team.
  • Transcription at 24x7 is a three-level process:
  • Transcriptionists transcribe and self-edit the files.
  • Editors edit and proof-read those files.
  • QA team checks files randomly as per guidelines.
Are you compliant with HIPAA?

Yes. We enter into an agreement with all our clients and we ensure the security of PHI by using appropriate technologies.

Do you have any online help for customer queries/complaints?

Yes. You can e-mail your queries to or call our toll free number. We have a dedicated customer support team to help with any customer queries 24/7/365.


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